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The following images were submitted for use on the website by Mrs Marion E. Farr and are very gratefully received.



Left: Father to Marion, Leslie Arnold Slack 1903 - 1986 Wireless Operator with the Blue Funnel Line August 1923 to September, 1925.

Below: "Of sober and temperate habits!"

Unposed for photo of Tommy, the ship's cat on S.S.Memnon.

I couldn't resist including this lovely picture, just for a bit of fun!








Below: Siemens crystal receiver. Receive/transmit handle on side of the cabinet. Alternative tuning coil in foreground.

Below: Marconi 1 1/2 Kw. set.

Below: A Siemen's W/T Transmitter. Quenched spark system.
Photo: Time exposure ruined by engine vibration.

Above: Wireless room above lounge on S.S. Anchises. Living room on right - instrument room on left.

Above: Ingham, Senior Wireless Operator S.S.Memnon 1925

Below: Marconi 1 1/2 Kw aparatus on S.S. Memnon

Above: Father to Mrs Farr, Leslie Slack on right, with friend Fred Jenkins on S.S.Troilus 1925 (May be of interest to any of his descendents)

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