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The Chartroom on a ship is the domain of the navigating officer and the home of the charts, nautical tables and other reference books required to ensure that the ship travels quickly and safely between ports of call. With today's modern navigating aids the sextant may have disappeared but you will still see a large chart table on which there will be parallel rulers and dividers to plot courses and measure distances.

In our Chartroom you can find links to websites which will be of interest to genealogists and ship seekers as well as books of interest.

Web Sites For Genealogists And Ship Seekers

For information and to share experiences visit the International Discussion Forum at

For information about the Australian Mercantile Marine visit

For information about The Honourable East India Company visit

For links to other shipping company web sites visit

For a web site dedicated to the Merchant Navy during the 1939-45 war visit

For information about the Canadian built 'Fort' ships of WW2 visit Angel DeRoy-Jones' web site at

For books, maps and information about maritime activities around Cape Horn and the Ushuaia Maritime Museum visit

For a very comprehensive lists of web sites dealing with all aspects of the Merchant Navy, visit Manuja Gupta's web site at :-

For fleet lists, brief histories of ships and genealogical information visit:-

For a very comprehensive collection of ship photographs and other maritime information visit the National Maritime Museum's web site at:-

The records of the Registry of Shipping and Seamen at Cardiff prior to 1938 were sold to the Maritime History Archive at the Memorial University of Newfoundland who can be visited at

The Merseyside Maritime Museum

For a leaflet about Coastguard records, visit

For an index to merchant shipping, visit

The Mersey Maritime Museum

General searchable archives (surnames etc.) :-

Looking for a photograph of a favourite ship? See what Iain Lovie has to offer at:-

Reading material, (some include links to where they can be purchased)

Ships in Focus - Anchor & Brocklebank by John Clarkson and Roy Fenton
Ships in Focus - Blue Funnel Line
by John Clarkson and Roy Fenton
Ships in Focus - New Zealand & Federal Lines
by John Clarkson and Roy Fenton
Ships in Focus - Ellerman Lines
by John Clarkson and Roy Fenton
Picture History of The Cunard Line
by Frank O Braynard and Wm. Miller Jrn.
The World's Merchant Fleets 1939 - 6000 Ships and their Wartime Fates
by Roger Jordan
QE2: The Cunard Line Flagship - Queen Elizabeth II
by Capt. Ronald Warwick
The First Great Ocean Liners by W H Miller
The Liners: A Voyage 0f Discovery by W H Miller and Rob MacAuley
Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners 1954-1986 by W H Miller
The Great Luxury Liners 1927-1954 by W H Miller
The Fabulous Interiors of Great Ocean Liners by W H Miller
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ocean Liners 1860-1994 by W H Miller
A Night to Remember by Walter Lord
Great Liners at War by Stephen Harding
Dawn to Dusk- by Paul J Quinn
Survivors Accounts of the Last Night on the Titanic by Paul J Quinn
Riders of the Storm -
by Ian Cameron
The Story of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution by Ian Cameron
Inside the Titanic by Ken Marshall
Brunel's Ships
by Denis Griffiths
The Riddle of the Titanic
by Robin Gardiner
Last Log of the Titanic by David G Brown
British Ocean Tramps - Builders and Cargoes
by P N Thomas
The Union Castle Line - 
by Alan S Mallett
A Celebration in Photographs and Company Postcards by Alan S Mallett


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